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Design Talents — Ferreol Babin

Ferréol Babin — shutter 1

Ferréol Babin is one of my favorite emerging designers. In particular, I love his lamps.
After first graduating in Spatial Design, he moved to Japan, to the Nagoya University of Art & Design. He then worked as an intern at Studio Robert Stadler in Paris. In 2012 he graduated from ESAD of Reims, in Object Design. Since then, he works as an independent designer, mainly focusing on lightning engineering design. His projects are always based on an awareness of function and rationale, combined with a poetic, emotional dimension. Since January 2014 he is working under the direction of Sam Baron at Fabrica, the Benetton’s communications research centre, based in Treviso, Italy.

ferreol babin — rollferreol babin — rollRoll is a table lamp composed of two independent yet complementary elements. The tube with the lighting source fits on the base. Thanks to the rotational motion, user can modulate and guide its light, going from an indirect and soft one, to a direct light perfect for reading or working. The absence of mechanism or complex technology in favor of a minimal and essential shape makes Roll an elegant and timeless object. The transformer, which is often an ugly part, is hidden into the hollow body.

ferreol babin — roll

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Studiopepe — Palme

Studio Pepe — PalmStudio Pepe — PalmStudio Pepe — Palm Studio Pepe — PalmStudio Pepe — Palm

Studiopepe for Elle Decor Italia. Photography by Andrea Ferrari.

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Bolia news

Bolia — Greenfingers  OffthechainBolia — ColorCatchMe Bolia — Glow

Nice pictures from Bolia‘s new collection! I’m in love with these soft colors.

It is bigger, bolder and more creative than ever before, and we have designed it just for you. This year we found the inspiration in bright colors and neon, gorgeous fabrics and strong metals, light wood and organic materials. We have also enjoyed working with strings and bars, glass and ceramics, paper and marble, origami, square shapes and diamond shapes, spider webs and layers. We have played with the metallic and the organic, the fragile and the imperfect, the transparent and the half painted. The new collection is both serious and sober as well and playful and happy. It’s a collection full of contrasts and complements, excitement and surprises. Just like you.

Bolia — Woodhut Shining-Box Match-Office WoodhangerBolia — Pietra Iron Bolia — Alma Bolia — Shining-box Pietra Move Bolia — Polyvase CanyouBolia — Greenfingers Match-Office Nice-little-pingvin Bolia — Lucia Maggie MarbleBolia — Luna Raw Pietra Bolia — Silli GrabMe Chop QuarterBolia — Bat Luna Pietra Bolia — Tila Iron QuadraBolia — A-LA 3in1 Pietra Offthechain


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Design Talents — Carlo Clopath

Palutta — Carlo ClopathPalutta — Carlo Clopath Designed by Carlo Clopath, Palutta is a series of cutlery and kitchen utensils, based on typologies, manufacturing processes and culinary customs from the Grisons in Switzerland, combined with technologies from foreign cultures. Items used to eat are lacquered with Urushi (Wajima-nuri), a durable natural lacquer, which protects the wood from acids, bases, alcohol, solvents and humidity. The divers utensils are made from maple, stainless steel, porcelain or linen and are produced industrially. The wooden accessories – e.g. a spoon – are simply turned and finished with one respectively two incisions. The utensils are universally usable for cooking and for eating and are formally identical.

Palutta — Carlo Clopath Palutta — Carlo Clopath Palutta — Carlo Clopath Palutta — Carlo ClopathCarlo Clopath is a swiss industrial designer. He studied at écal/university of art and design in Lausanne. His approach is very multisensorical – he creates atmospheres and his objects obviously live in a dialogue with histories, materials and meanings. His memories from his childhood, in the swiss mountains, influence and are often point of origin of his work. You can see his project until September in Villa Noailles, at the 9th international festival of design. You can find a short interview with Carlo Clopath here.

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Stefan Diez Office — New order

Stefan Diez — New order Stefan Diez — New orderStefan Diez — New order

With a training in architecture and industrial design, Stefan Diez is regarded as one of the most innovative and promising designers of Germany’s younger generation, and already enjoys an international reputation. Together with his wife Saskia, who designs jewellery, he has converted a modest artist’s studio into a contemporary workspace. The photographer Rasmus Norlander took these pictures inside their home to promote the New Order collection, designed by Stefan for Hay. New Order is a ground-breaking shelving system in aluminium that allows for endless variations. The shelves can be up to 2 meters wide, which is a unique feature, as the weight of books and other items will make shelves in wood and veneer bend at much shorter spans. The New Order system includes two kinds of shelves: a slim and flat standard shelf and a tray for displaying personal possessions, objects of art and other curios that hold special importance.

Stefan Diez — New orderStefan Diez — New orderStefan Diez — New orderStefan Diez — New order

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Melbourne Home

Melbourne Home — Eddie Kaul and Richa Pant Melbourne Home — Eddie Kaul and Richa PantMelbourne Home — Eddie Kaul and Richa Pant Melbourne Home — Eddie Kaul and Richa PantI love the warmth of natural materials and soft lines in this stunning apartment. Via.

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Florent Tanet — Meteorite Collection

Florent Tanet — Supreme bon tonFlorent Tanet — Supreme bon tonFlorent Tanet — Supreme bon tonFlorent Tanet — Supreme bon ton Florent Tanet — Supreme bon ton

Suprême Bon Ton is a Paris-based textile design studio directed  by Ella Perdereau. Her first collection, Meteorite, is a series of scarves that incorporate patterns and textures from rocks and minerals. The lookbook was shot by Florent Tanet. The colors and the texture are really marvellous.

Supreme bon ton Supreme bon tonSupreme bon tonvia


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Design Talents — Manuel Amaral Netto

Manuel Amaral Netto — Kite Manuel Amaral Netto — Kite Designed by Manuel Amaral Netto, the Kite lamp is a collection of suspension lamps inspired by the in(materiality) of light. Its elements are the essential:
a light source and a diffuser or reflector. These are connected to a lightweight structure of three suspended strings. They slide in an effortless and playful
way in order to change the mood in a complete or gradual manner.

Manuel Amaral Netto — Kite

Manuel Amaral Netto is a product designer recently graduated with distinction from the MA Product Design at ECAL. As a designer he is interested in observing the details that define the context he work with. These can be based on traditions, production methods or materials that help define clever solutions.

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