Dimore Gallery — MDW14 #3

Dimore Gallery ©Giulio GhirardiDimore Gallery ©Giulio Ghirardi Dimore Gallery ©Giulio Ghirardi Dimore Gallery ©Giulio Ghirardi Dimore Gallery ©Giulio GhirardiDimore Gallery ©Giulio Ghirardi

One of the most interesting locations that I have visited during the Design Week was Dimore Gallery. As always, the mix of colors and materials was perfect. In particular, I fell in love with the spectacular screen 070.

Photographs by Giulio Ghirardi



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Tasty Pink

callmecupcake—neapolitan cakecallmecupcakecall me cupcake—neapolitan cake

Spring is here ! This beautiful cake is perfect to celebrate these days and the arrival of spring. Made by the talended Linda Lomellino.


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Lotta Agaton — Kristofer Johnsson


This is the new amazing pictures styled by Lotta Agaton and photographed by Kristofer Johnsson for Residence Magazine.

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Trend Report — First Blush

13design-look-blush-slide-1E6M-jumbo13design-look-blush-slide-GSIK-jumboThe edges of modern design are softening this season with delicate hues in the palest of pinks. Styled by Noemi Bonazzi Photographs by Joss McKinley. Via TMagazine

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ECAL — MDW14 #2

One of the most interesting exhibitions I’ve seen during the design week was “Delirious Home” by ECAL. The exhibition featured a series of objects that they interpreted the concept of “smart home”.

The “Delirious Home” exhibition presents with humour and originality a selection of projects arising from fruitful collaborations between Bachelor students in Industrial Design and Media & Interaction Design at the ECAL. For one semester, students worked in groups to concoct friendly mirrors that reflect only our image when we look at them: hypersensitive cactuses that like it when we give them a caress, two armchairs that invite you to enjoy a lively and meaningful “tête-à-tête”, a series of food domes that celebrate taste sensations with mellow sounds when they’re opened, a group of containers that defies the laws of gravity, a clock that imitates your gestures, a very accommodating curtain, a fan that amplifies your breath, and a spoon able to follow a cup wherever it goes.

CACTUNE_521“Cactunes” by ECAL/Pierre Charreau, Martin Hertig, Pauline Lemberger.

BROKEN_MIRROR_864“Broken Mirror” by ECAL/Guillaume Markwalder, Aurélia von Allmen.

OSTINATI_274“Ostinati” by ECAL/Iris Andreadis, Nicolas Nahornyj, Jérôme Rütsche.

ECAL “Delirious Home” – Milano 2014 from ECAL on Vimeo.

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HAY Mini Market — MDW14 #1

Finally, the Danish brand Hay arrived in Milan!
During the week of the Salone del Mobile, in the heart of Design District of Brera, Hay presented the new collection of objects and accessories. Besides the new products presented exclusively for the Salone del Mobile, was also present WrongforHay, the collection edited by Sebastiang Wrong, already presented at the London Design Week. Within this space, there was also a temporary shop where you could buy some items of the Hay’s collection. I really enjoyed this shopping therapy!

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Febrik — Raw Color


Febrik is a new Dutch brand of interior textiles founded by Renee Merckx and Jos Pelders. Beginning life as Innofa with a collection of knits, the ambition of Febrik is to show the world a next generation of textiles by re-exploring existing techniques. The introduction of Febrik is accompanied by three new textiles and one presented in an updated colour palette. The new ones are a result of a collaboration with young emerging and established designers like Bertjan Pot and Sylvain Willenz.
The photo series of is part of Febrik’s new identity curated by Raw Color. The setting is based on half open boxes that are painted in the gray coulour scheme of the identity. The volumes can be used from the outside or from the inside to appear more as open angles.

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Michael Anastassiades—FlosMichael Anastassiades—Flos Michael Anastassiades—FlosMichael Anastassiades—Flos

“Every time I take the train, I sit by the window and watch the series of perfectly parallel strings connecting the pylons, as we move at high speed. I love the way they divide the landscape and how spheres are occasionally beaded through the wires at random intervals.
I also love how, in Mediterranean cultures, strings of lights are stretched between posts to mark an outdoor space for an evening party in a village square. And finally, I love how human ingenuity works around problems created by everyday things in the house (like switches and power points) that others have chosen to position where we don’t want them.”

This is how Michael Anastassiades, a Cypriot designer based in London and born in 1967, describes the principle that inspired the String Lights ceiling lamp for Flos: a black electric wire that sets up a relationship with the architecture of a space, precisely becoming part of the lines formed by the walls of a room. And stretched out along these lines are two different light sources: one in the shape of an isosceles triangle, the other in the form of a sphere.

Via Living

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Janne Peters — Irina Graewe

Janne Peters — Irina GraeweJanne Peters — Irina GraeweJanne Peters—Irina GraeweJanne Peters — Irina Graewe

1 Taum 3 Looks — styling by Irina Graewe, photography by Janne Peters

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